Formerly F.I.R.S.T now doing business as

First Impact

Impact people’s health and save lives by
providing clean water, nourishing food and
medical supplies to those in need. 

Israel Relief Response

First-Impact’s partnership with multi-faceted global aid and relief organizations positions it well for providing relief assistance in the core basic needs of clean water, basic medical supplies and food sustenance to those impacted by the current conflict in Israel. In Ukraine, I witnessed the need for key global partners who can ensure that aid and assistance are connected with the right people to ensure it is not idled at a border or warehoused or worse yet, fall into the wrong hands. I saw first-hand the immediate need for clean water which is necessary not only for life sustenance, but also to provide sanitary medical care and food sustenance. Providing these life-sustaining resources to those on the front lines, the first responders and very importantly to those who survive the actual conflict will not only meet key core needs but will save lives and restore health after the conflict abates.

Prayerfully consider making a sacrificial contribution to our Israel War Relief Fund today.First-Impact has no administrative or overhead fees and 100% of your donation today allows us to effectuate relief efforts as soon as the active conflict ceases. Read more here

Terry Adams, President and Chairman of the Board

Message from the President of
First Impact


Through these partnerships, we are working tirelessly to bring hope, healing, and restoration to communities that have been impacted by poverty, conflict, and other challenging circumstances.


Impact people’s health and save lives by providing clean water, nourishing food and medical supplies to those in need. 


Representing God’s love and sacrificial service to those in need, First-Impact seeks to improve health standards and save lives by providing clean water, nutritious food and basic medical supplies to the poor and to victims suffering from natural disaster, war and political, religious and economic oppression.

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Your choice to support us will help reduce infant mortality, childhood and adult illnesses due to seriously unsafe water, malnourishment and inadequate or non-existent basic medicines/ medical supplies all around the globe. Not only are millions of lives being lost due to the lack of these necessities, but even those who live find it difficult to thrive and support their children and families due to recurring illnesses and compromised immune systems. These illnesses are systemic among the generational poor throughout the globe. However, they are also new and acute but no less life-threatening to those who are harmed by natural disasters and war. Read More

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Desired Outcomes

Impact lives globally by

  • Improved physical health – clean water, nourishment and medical supplies
  • Spiritual life renewal, grounding and encouragement
  • Giving value, purpose and hope through Christ’s love
  • Glorifying God